Monday, October 1, 2012

Project: The right usage of Chlorine Tablets.

This is my first Studio project introduced at National Institute Of Design (NID), which is based on spreading awareness about ‘How to use chlorine tablets’.

We were asked to brainstorm and come up with possible project ideas under the theme of water and I chose to focus on water borne diseases in urban slum areas of Ahmadabad because slum dwellers do not have much awareness about it and they don’t even have proper information about the correct usage of chlorine tablets. The Link workers whose role is to spread awareness about these issues themselves don’t know the actual process of its usage.

It is really essential to take basic precautionary measures for diseases like Typhoid, Diarrhea and Jaundice. Being a Graphic design student, I felt the need to provide guidance in the form of informative packaging as one of the ways to prevent these diseases from spreading.

Working on this project was a great learning experience. Though there were times when the project took longer to shape and I failed to meet the deadlines, I got to learn how to handle a real-time project like this.

For more information, please visit:
//Chlorine Tablet Project

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Identity design for 'The Residency' group of hotels.

Website design for 'The Residency' group of hotels.

Here are some screenshots of website layout for 'Residency group of hotels'. Will tried to maintain the warmth of the hospitality industry. Overall the appeal had been made to invoke welcoming feeling and vibrancy.

Logo design for 'Ovastar'

Branding(Logo design) for film production house 'FLYING HORSES ENTERTAINMENT'.

Poster Design for College Lohri celebration.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Monday, September 24, 2012

Mascot Design for 'Income Tax Department'

He is a middle aged income tax official with a warm and a friendly personality.
He is very humble, and approachable. He personifies the values of an honest
and responsible man. He guides and urges people to pay their taxes on time
without intimidating them. Since he is from within the income tax department,
he is well equipped with all necessary information that one would require and
can be relied upon. His age group is indicative of his experience in his job.
He is dressed in a simple pair of formals that makes him look down to earth.

Income tax officials are often viewed as sour faced and stern individuals,
someone people would like to avoid. I am trying to change that perception
with this character as a new representative figure for the income tax department.

Chutki is a young and wise Indian school girl who is quite loved by everyone around her. With her cleverly amusing tone and sense of humour, she wittily persuades people to pay their taxes on time.

Why young girl:
Everyone can relate to children. Young children have the potential to become memorable characters that endure in our hearts and minds. Serious messages are often well accepted if delivered by someone young instead from someone very authoritative. Children can appeal to the better nature of people, give tongue in cheek advice without really offending the elders.

Her appearance:
Chutki’s hair is tied up in plaits and ribbons to make her look like a young school girl. She is dressed in a traditional salwar kameez- a) to enhance her Indian identity and b) so even rural audiences can relate to her. The spectacles make her look like someone who is wise, well read and well informed.

Cartoon strip for American Express India.

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Logo Design for 'SULPHUR CROP CARE' 

Illustrations for website 'Campus Diaries'

Made illustrations for story-writing based website called Campus Diaries. The main page illustration, whole page look n feel and illustrations for the lower windows.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Gujarat Police Gypsy Identity Design. 

Prior to this project, the police gypsies did not have a uniform look. Some gypsies were too overcrowded with bits of information while some lacked even basic identification. We strongly felt that reinforcing the brand identity of Ahmedabad police department would help build a positive public perception of the police. We wanted to present Ahmedabad police department as dependable and accessible to the common man and the new design of the gypsy reinforces that. 

The blue and red color scheme has always been associated with law and order. The bold text set in both English and Gujarati script is easily readable even from a distance and at first glance even while in motion.  The reflectors set on both sides of the gypsy, top and bottom, help in identifying the police gypsy even during heavy traffic in the dark. The full length reflectors can also be used as barricades if required at night. The logo has been used repeatedly on both sides as well as on the bonnet and the back to familiarize people with the logo as well as induce a sense of authority.

For more information, please visit:
//Gujarat Police Vehicle Identity Design