Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Gujarat Police Gypsy Identity Design. 

Prior to this project, the police gypsies did not have a uniform look. Some gypsies were too overcrowded with bits of information while some lacked even basic identification. We strongly felt that reinforcing the brand identity of Ahmedabad police department would help build a positive public perception of the police. We wanted to present Ahmedabad police department as dependable and accessible to the common man and the new design of the gypsy reinforces that. 

The blue and red color scheme has always been associated with law and order. The bold text set in both English and Gujarati script is easily readable even from a distance and at first glance even while in motion.  The reflectors set on both sides of the gypsy, top and bottom, help in identifying the police gypsy even during heavy traffic in the dark. The full length reflectors can also be used as barricades if required at night. The logo has been used repeatedly on both sides as well as on the bonnet and the back to familiarize people with the logo as well as induce a sense of authority.

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//Gujarat Police Vehicle Identity Design



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