Monday, September 24, 2012

Mascot Design for 'Income Tax Department'

He is a middle aged income tax official with a warm and a friendly personality.
He is very humble, and approachable. He personifies the values of an honest
and responsible man. He guides and urges people to pay their taxes on time
without intimidating them. Since he is from within the income tax department,
he is well equipped with all necessary information that one would require and
can be relied upon. His age group is indicative of his experience in his job.
He is dressed in a simple pair of formals that makes him look down to earth.

Income tax officials are often viewed as sour faced and stern individuals,
someone people would like to avoid. I am trying to change that perception
with this character as a new representative figure for the income tax department.

Chutki is a young and wise Indian school girl who is quite loved by everyone around her. With her cleverly amusing tone and sense of humour, she wittily persuades people to pay their taxes on time.

Why young girl:
Everyone can relate to children. Young children have the potential to become memorable characters that endure in our hearts and minds. Serious messages are often well accepted if delivered by someone young instead from someone very authoritative. Children can appeal to the better nature of people, give tongue in cheek advice without really offending the elders.

Her appearance:
Chutki’s hair is tied up in plaits and ribbons to make her look like a young school girl. She is dressed in a traditional salwar kameez- a) to enhance her Indian identity and b) so even rural audiences can relate to her. The spectacles make her look like someone who is wise, well read and well informed.

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