Friday, November 25, 2011

Poster design for Typography Day 2012.


My mother tongue is 'Haryanvi' which does not have any script. Haryanvi is also known
as Bangru and is the northernmost dialect of the Hindi language. It is widely spoken in
the North Indian state of Haryana. I have chosen a Haryanvi word 'BAWADLI BOOCH'
which mean a 'Foolish person'. Bawadli means 'Foolish' and Booch mean 'Tail'. That's
why I used monkey for the last alphabet and its tail to justify my word. Monkey has a
nature of foolishness and is most suitable character for this word. I used calligraphy to
give rough feel to this word because Haryana is notorious for its roughness which we
can see in Haryanvi language whenever it is used colloquially.


Haryana has a very rich culture in terms of folk songs that are called Ragni. Haryanvi music has very a strong texture to it which we listen in Ragni. I have chosen word Ragni and used calligraphy to bring about the connection that I share with it. Colours used red, orange and green to reflect the culture of Haryanvi folk music.

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  1. Hi, Nice work. Shouldn't it be Bawali Booch with a 'ch' sound (as in Chamach - spoon) and not the one you have used which is the the 'ch' sound in chamakchalo!